Desert Rat Aviation, LLC is proud to be affiliated with the following vendors:

Victory Girl - Victory Girl is an excellent source for vintage replica Nose Art, jackets, decals/stickers, insignia, and Murals. Aviation Nose Art services are created by artists Jerri Bergen and Terri Polley. Victory Girl specializes in the creation (and re-creation) of vintage WWII type nose art jacket artwork, that usually included a pinup girl, some text and possibly an airplane and mission markings. They take extra effort to create the artwork to look gracefully aged, without harsh blocks of colors, or sharp stark outlines. When designing your artwork Victory Girl will meet your artwork expectations, either for a vintage look, or something with more modern appeal.

GossHawk Unlimited specializes in warbird and vintage aircraft restoration. With over thirty years of experience including eighteen years with the Champlin Fighter Museum, GossHawk has a proven track record of Museum Quality results.


Alpha Tech Coatings - 30 Years of experience in numerous of optional manufacturers in Liquid, Ceramic, Teflon/Flouropolymer, and Powder coatings. Visit their website for more information!