Desert Rat Aviation continues to grow and evolve as a company by keeping up with the latest in aircraft technology. From the day we opened our doors, we have worked hard to earn the trust and loyalty of our many satisfied clients. Our projects have included anything from complete restoration of an antique aircraft to assisting owners in their restoration of an aircraft or building thier own homebuilt or experimental aircraft. The possibilities for you and your project are endless with our guidance and assistance!

With the many resources available to us, Desert Rat Aviation can also assist in your search for the perfect aircraft to restore. Desert Rat Aviation can also help you in your effort to locate those hard to find parts.

Whether you already own an aircraft that needs to be restored or are looking for the perfect aircraft to restore, we always provide the very best workmanship and quality for your project needs. Our goal is to take your aircraft to the next level, remember there is no project to big or to small, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Some of our many services available include:

* Complete Aircraft Restorations
* Recovering Services
* Complete Wing Rebuilds & Wing Repairs
* General Aircraft Maintenance, Service, & Repair Work
* Annual Aircraft Inspections
* Insurance Repairs
* Component Reconditioning
* Structural Repair
* Tube and Fabric
* Wood Work
* Aircraft Painting
* Hydro Printing


American Champion Wing Rebuild Program

Desert Rat Aviation can also assist in transporting your aircraft or parts to and from our shop.

Shop Rates
$85.00 Per Hour
Single Engine Fixed Gear
Annual 16 hour Minimum
$1400.00* (squawks not included)
Single Engine Retractable Gear
Annual 20 hour Minimum
(Low Wing Only)
$1700.00* (squawks not inclued)
Paint Shop Rate
$90.00 Hr.
Welding Rate
$90.00 Hr.
Fabric Covering Rate
$85.00 Hr.

These are the systems that we use:
Poly-Fiber System
Ceconite System
Superflite System

*Anything over the allotted hours will be charged at the shop rate of $85.00 per hour.
*Does not include oil and oil filter with annual